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How to think digital - Wunderman


This is the first book I have red in English. It was very interesting experience. “How to think digital” is simple for reading and understanding. There are a lot of pictures, so the quantity of real content for reading is much less than 125 pages. But! It is worth reading.


The main ideas, which I got from the book:

  • The world is changing very quickly. It is not needed waiting many years to build new brand. Google didn’t exist in 1998!
  • You cannot connect with narrow target audiences via mass media. Most analog marketing hits the wrong people or the right people at the wrong time.
  • There’s no point using really smart search marketing if you don’t spend as much time thinking about what happens after the click.
  • Keeping people waiting is a sin. Nobody will wait 10 seconds for your website to download. Nobody will wait days for managers’ callback. When you want a burger, you want it now.
  • Relationships can last a lifetime. Digital methods help to do it (sms, direct emails, other).
  • Build a closer relationship with the truth. Because in the digital era, the people who tried your service yesterday are talking to those who are trying it tomorrow
  • Localization is much, much more than just translation.

Analog marketers, your career is over!